Camp Pozzi. GROM in Iraq

Author: Naval

Grom and navy seals train to win, not to perish, if only in the right case.

Under the cover of night, they captured complex transhipment terminals near the port of Umm Kasr. The other night they prevented one of the largest river dams in Iraq from being blown up. Baghdad, [...] and many other cities learned of the capture of members of Saddam Hussein's hated regime in their area, or criminals now proudly known as militants, only in the morning from the local press or neighborly gossip.

Naval in his book reveals to us the backstage of operations, which until now have been swathed by silence, and also proves the importance of fraternity, cooperation and professionalism in the military trade.

The gods of the night equally, the title of one of the chapters of Camp Pozzi, was taken from the book of the same title. Its author, Sergiusz Piasecki, described it as employees and collaborators of Polish intelligence in The Second Republic of Poland. Were the night gods also equal to the operators of grom and navy seals during the Second Gulf War?

There is no hiding place before the gods of the night, and war, like the sea, does not forgive

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Camp Pozzi. GROM w Iraku

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