You will find here products containing emblems, identification marks, insignia of various best U.S. military formations placed on patches, badges, challenge coins.

A new section in our product line are original U.S. armed forces insignia and badges. All have been manufactured in the U.S.A in accordance with appropriate U.S. Government specifications and are certified or approved for use by the appropriate military service.

You have come to our store because you are looking for inspiration in products whose symbolism strengthens your self-confidence, and the values to which the soldiers of the units behind these symbols are faithful are a role model, a call to action, a refusal to give up under any circumstances. By wearing or collecting these products you are expressing yourself, identifying with many years of combat history, strength and effectiveness represented by the individual units.

The patch that you can put on your jacket, sweatshirt or cap is as important to you as the tattoo you want to show off. The only difference is that if for some reason you change your mind, you can always remove the patch or replace it with another ...

Licensed by the U.S. Marine Corps challenge coin is a unique piece in your collection.

Drinking beer from a glass with a real .50 BMG bullet in it, you realize that you wouldn't want to get in its way. You may feel bullet-proof because this particular bullet is stuck in the glass, but it is also certain that you gain respect for those whose path is crossed by such bullets all too often. Would you swap with them? I assume not, but you can show that you identify with them by wearing their emblem.

If that's how you feel, then this store is for you!

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Ekstremalne przywództwo. Elitarne taktyki Navy SEALs w zarządzaniu.

Ekstremalne przywództwo. Elitarne taktyki Navy SEALs w zarządzaniu

Szkoła zabójców

Szkoła zabójców

Krew snajperów. Opowieść żołnierza GROM-u
Krew snajperów. Opowieść żołnierza GROM-u

Chłopaki z Marsa

Chłopaki z Marsa

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