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Dogs bite the last ones

Author: Naval

Real memories of GROM soldier about the happiness that you need to have in life, because willingness and skills do not always allow you to achieve your goal. But it is also a picture of determination and hard work, thanks to which initial failure turns into success.

In the pages of this book you will find physical exertion to blood pain, but you will not find moments of doubt and surrender. There is no ready recipe for success in the book, as the author often believes, everyone has a different path to the goal, but there is hope in it that if he managed, why not give it up!

Naval was not always the operator of GROM. To become one, in his case, you had to be a roofer, locksmith, welder, waiter, and also a small smuggler. This was his way, other boys were former agricultural school technicians, prosecutors, firefighters, and even an architect happened to be a soldier of this Unit, being a universal soldier, there is a place for every good boy in GROM. These skills, sometimes acquired unintentionally in civilian life, allow you to undergo a selection and a basic course. But this is not the end, it will tell you that the selection in GROM lasts forever.

This book will take you on a journey through time, from your ordinary little-city childhood to hard work in the fighting team at GROM.

Naval previously told you his story of how to Survive Belize, but to be able to learn the art of survival in the extreme conditions of the Belizean jungle, he had to survive the Elder Sisters, vocational school, military service in Lubliniec, mission in Lebanon, work of factory worker and guard, selection, removal from the basic course at GROM and political turmoil around GROM. It's no heroism, it's life, so it's worth reading this book! She will show you that your life is not boring at all and that it is worth having a goal and a good plan for it.

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Dogs bite the last ones

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