Guys from Mars

Author: Naval

Naval - a former soldier of grom military unit writes about the stabilization mission of Polish soldiers in Iraq, which turned into a brutal war

GROM is not a logo, object name, wall or weaponry. GROM is made up of people, people with great passion.

The creator of GROM General Petelicki knew that to create such an elite unit is not enough to dress people up in grazed uniforms, berets, equip with weapons, which the world envied us. For a new soldier's quality to be created, the most important thing was a mental change.

Naval talks about people who have been through this transformation with passion, great stubbornness, determination. They became elite, they were considered the most effective soldiers of special units. This book is a nod to all those who contributed to the emergence of a new military quality in our country.

This is another book by Navala, which is a continuation of a series of memories of activities in the waters of the Gulf and Iraq. The guys from Mars land again in Iraq, the stabilization mission turns into a brutal war. Najaf, Falluja, Mosul and Karbala became cities where regular battles continued. There was GROM everywhere, after fifteen years it was time for a story, a time for the truth about that reality.

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Chłopaki z Marsa

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Ekstremalne przywództwo. Elitarne taktyki Navy SEALs w zarządzaniu.

Ekstremalne przywództwo. Elitarne taktyki Navy SEALs w zarządzaniu

Szkoła zabójców

Szkoła zabójców

Krew snajperów. Opowieść żołnierza GROM-u
Krew snajperów. Opowieść żołnierza GROM-u

Chłopaki z Marsa

Chłopaki z Marsa

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