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Author: Naval

NAVAL served in GROM for fourteen years as an operator in the combat team. He spent half of that time on numerous foreign missions. For his service he was awarded many times, including the highest military decorations that can be received in Poland for combat deeds outside the country, the Knight's Cross of the Order of the Military Cross awarded to the outstandingly distinguished in combat and the Commander's Cross of the Order of the Military Cross awarded for an act of outstanding fortitude combined with the risk of life, as well as awarded the Golden Grom Badge, which is awarded to JW soldiers. GROM is the highest honor.

Before being selected for the most elite special forces unit in Poland, he was a locksmith-welder, already in GROM defended his master's thesis on special services. To get to the THUNDER he went a long way, he was a soldier of the 1st Special Regiment, served in Lebanon in the UN peacekeeping mission. In 2012, everyone heard it when the Medal of Honor computer game hit the stores. Warfighter Naval was one of the two original grom-sheep characters that the player could play.

After the end of active military service, Naval supports charitable and non-governmental institutions ( PAH) and uniformed services with its knowledge and experience. He works socially (he is a volunteer of the Warsaw Uprising Museum)) and runs his own company Naval Polska.

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