A goal beyond the horizon. The Story of the Thunder Sniper

Authors: Karol K. Soyka, Krzysztof Kotowski

Behind the scenes of the unit's activities for special tasks

The goal beyond the horizon is the story of an amazing man, one of the most experienced officers of the Thunder. Lieutenant Colonel Karol K. Soyka reveals the true face of an elite and famous commando group. It makes us realize why the Polish unit is actually one of the best in the world. He tells how it works and what "toys" he likes to use. It dispels the fog of mystery that has always accompanied the grouping's actions. The book also tells the story of how selection is carried out and builds the mentality of the best soldiers. He describes the most dangerous operations carried out in the most dangerous places on earth – iraq, the Persian Gulf or Haiti, not from the perspective of a staffer, but a participant in the action, who has more than once pulled the trigger to survive and effectively protect his colleagues and civilians. Soyka's story allows us to understand how effective we are in the ongoing war on terrorism.

(...) We usually did at night. At the second, third, when everyone is asleep. We... we slept in the day. We lived the other way around, but it was necessary. Our base was shelled almost continuously. Mortars, rifles, everything. For a round seven months. Flying there for the first time, I comforted myself that five, maybe six mortar shells a day would fall. But it wasn't five or six bullets a day. They banged at least thirty mortars in us every day. Imagine living more than half a year under constant fire. There was no day for something not to fly on us. After a while, we were so indifferent that when the rest season came, we slept from the vending machine, waving our hand at it all. It flies, horseradish... Strengthening the roof with any slab would do little. When a mortar shell hits, it pierces the roof and everything it has in the way, sticks to the floor and explodes. Nothing can be done then. But... you can get bastards who fire these missiles, so we did everything we could to catch them. The effect was that the more we pressed them, the more fiercely they were in us. But we didn't let go. Do you think it was difficult for to know? It wasn't hard. They were immediately in the eye. They just didn't have fingers, because when they loaded bullets into these PVC pipes, sooner or later they couldn't take their hands back and break their fingers. Standard (...)

Excerpt from the book

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