The blood of snipers. Grom Soldier's Tale

Authors: Karol K. Soyka, Krzysztof Kotowski

The best of the best

Reserve Lieutenant Colonel Karol K. Soyka served more than twenty years as grom operator. In the book Blood of Snipers shows the actions of snipers during previously unscripted actions. He tells how the conflict looks up close, and captures the realities of the battlefield based on his own experiences and comrades in arms. This elite unit is home to the best of the best. GROM snipers are some of the best shooters in the world. Proper training, unique combat tactics, extraordinary physical and mental endurance, and above all proven shooting skills are the characteristics of each of them. Yugoslavia, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and many others – for years, GROM shooters have been appearing in places where the conflict begins.

(...) You know what it's like... Sometimes we think we've experienced something very important, difficult, dangerous. When we look at it from a distance, watching movies, photos, listening to the stories of brave people, it appears to us as particularly special. However, when we are in the middle, we touch it with our hand, we will look at it very, very closely – the uniqueness pales. All this unusualness takes real shape and becomes obvious. Some are disappointed, others breathe with relief. If this is a journey that is a dream come true, because we have wanted to see Rome, Giza or The Mahal for years, it is rather up to us to enjoy it. If we are to go to war, the journey is perceived in a much more complicated way (...)

Excerpt from the book

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Krew snajperów. Opowieść żołnierza GROM-u

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Ekstremalne przywództwo. Elitarne taktyki Navy SEALs w zarządzaniu.

Ekstremalne przywództwo. Elitarne taktyki Navy SEALs w zarządzaniu

Szkoła zabójców

Szkoła zabójców

Krew snajperów. Opowieść żołnierza GROM-u
Krew snajperów. Opowieść żołnierza GROM-u

Chłopaki z Marsa

Chłopaki z Marsa

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