GROM's Secret Sniper Actions

Author: Tomasz Marca

It's a unique book. For the first time, he reliably and vividly reports on previously unknown methods of recruitment, selection, specialized training and actions conducted by a secret group of Polish soldiers. So it comes to you the first credible book about GROM snipers, how they began their service in 1991 and how they have for years equaled the world's elite. For me, as a participant in most of the described actions, it was a sentimental journey to the time of service in the Unit. I highly recommend it.

Colonel Dariusz Zawadka, former GROM commander

With this book, you will not only learn about the history of the GROM Unit presented in an unusual way. By purchasing it you support the activities of our Foundation, for which I thank you very much.

Grzegorz Wydrowski, sniper, chairman of the board of the FOUNDATION ALLIED WITH GROM

Tomasz Marca was born in 1979 in Sandomierz. As a reporter for Radio Three and TVN24, he met every alley of Polish politics that has always been passionate about him. Today, he believes that the world is too interesting for someone practicing the profession of journalist to be able to close in the Sejm.

A football fan, a non-practicing coach with a UEFA B license (maybe someday useful), amateur began to train boxing recently. He has a son, Francis, who, despite his young age, has shown that he is a tough guy no less than the characters of this book, and his wife Assy, whose patience can be compared to that snipers show by observing the target.

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Tajne akcje snajperów Gromu

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Krew snajperów. Opowieść żołnierza GROM-u

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